The mentorship phase of the Equal Rating Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for the five selected semifinalist teams to strengthen their concepts and expand their impact.

The five semifinalists teams will be provided advice and mentorship from Mozilla experts in topics such as policy, business, engineering, and design to hone their solutions. Some teams may focus on the concept level, others may seek feedback on strategic roadmap decisions, and still others may learn to develop new ways to help communicate effectively with partners.

We will build a mentorship plan tailored to each team’s particular needs in the following general categories:


  • Feedback and evaluation of engineering implementation and strategy
  • Discussion and recommendations around potential business models
  • Review of product strategy and roadmap

User experience

  • Refining design methods to best reach target audience
  • Feedback on user interface, brand design, marketing, and outreach
  • Network building and connections made within and outside Mozilla as relevant


  • Support creating clear and compelling narrative
  • Construction and delivery of core messages
  • Preparation for Demo Day, which will be held in New York on March 9

Our hope is that through this two-month period, we can utilize expertise within the Mozilla community and network to further evolve the strong concepts our semifinalists have created. We believe this collaboration will build new relationships, leverage distributed skills and expertise, and ultimately create outsized impact for our semifinalists teams.




1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher

2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter



1. A way to create outsized impact from limited interventions

2. Transforming Equal Rating Innovation Challenge semifinalists with the power of the Mozilla community