Community Voting


Each of our 5 semifinalists is creating incredible positive impact in their communities. At Demo Day on 9 March, each team shared their vision for a connected future. Check out their pitches here, and cast your vote for the strongest solution.

Note: Voting is open from 10 March-16 March 23:59 GMT. Please, one vote per person per day.


Gram Marg Solution for Rural Broadband

Presenter: Dr Sarbani Banerjee Belur
Team Leader: Prof Abhay Karandikar
Location: Mumbai, India

Open source low-cost hardware prototype utilizing Television White Spectrum to provide affordable access to rural communities.


Afri-Fi: Free Public WiFi

Presenter: Tim Genders
Team Leader: Tim Human
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Model to make Project Isizwe financially sustainable by connecting brands to an untapped, national audience, specifically low-income communities who otherwise cannot afford connectivity.

The judges are deliberating. Winners will be announced on 29th March 2017. Stay tuned!

Free Networks P2P Cooperative

Team Leader: Bruno Vianna
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cooperative that enables communities to set-up networks to get access to the Internet and then supports itself through the cooperative fees, and while co-creating the knowledge and respecting the local cultures.


Zenzeleni "Do it for yourselves" Networks (ZN)

Team Leader: Dr Carlos Rey-Moreno
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Bottom-up telecommunications co-operatives that allows the most disadvantaged rural areas of South Africa to self-provide affordable communications at a fraction of the cost offered by other operators.


Freemium Mobile Internet (FMI)

Team Leader: Steve Song
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

A new business model for telecommunication companies to provide free 2G to enable all the benefits of the open web to all.

The judges are deliberating. Winners will be announced on 29th March 2017. Stay tuned!